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What is Architectural Visualisation?

Architectural Visualisation is where architectural and engineering 2D drawings are adapted into digital 3D models and visualised into photorealistic 3D images and animation. 3D Architectural visualisation can create photorealistic 3D images that accurately depict an architects design and communicates their vision using easy to understand imagery. Architectural CGIs are invaluable tools in the design and planning processes and can add to effective promotional and marketing campaigns.

Exterior CGI visuals can be created with such detail and realism that they are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.  Alternatively a more artistic approach can be taken depending on a client’s preference. Whatever the final look of the render, a 3D model must be created first. This can be later followed by photomontages and animated CGI flythroughs or virtual tours. 

3D Modelling

Working from architectural drawings, a 3D designer will create an accurate and comprehensive 3D model of the outside of the proposed building, including realistic surface materials and landscaping. Once the 3D model is constructed, a 3D designer can generate images and animations of the structure from as many viewpoints as is needed.


Photomontage is a way of integrating a photograph with a computer generated image (CGI) that shows a proposed building in the context of its surroundings. The process begins by creating a 3D model of the building from the CAD drawings and outputting a CGI of the building from the right camera angle to match a photograph of the existing site. An overlay of the CGI onto the photo can create a seamless photomontage view that can help Planning committees and stakeholders to better understand how the proposed development will impact its surroundings.

Animated Computer Generated Flythroughs 

Static CGI visuals can be enhanced by providing a simulated video tour or flythrough animation of the new development. Architectural fly-through animations are a fantastic way to take key stakeholders or potential investors on a virtual tour of a building before construction has begun.

By using creative lighting, varying camera speed and depth of field, we can create an atmosphere to engage the audience. Added features such as moving vehicles and people can be combined to deliver a photorealistic animation.

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